The Politics of Change


With the amazing and beautiful Boston City Councilor At-Large, Ayanna Pressley.

It has been many months since my last post. The past time I had posted I was a part of the Occupy Movement, but found myself extremely disillusioned with some strong points and circumstances that occurred within the movement. Of course, I made a post about my reasoning for being so disillusioned, and felt lost upon the world in order to make positive change that means the most in the depths of my heart.


With Representative Aaron Michlewitz

I did take away some good from the movement, but to this day I remember what brought me out of it: a woman threatening to take me to court for calling her ‘hun’ in the gay friend context, seeing a man in front of me state that “no one” in side the Massachusetts State House knows what they are doing (shame on that person for not having love and being so ignorant and misguided), and having someone tell me I have to believe what they believe, including their personal religious beliefs as a means to get by. None of that is pretty, but seldom does pretty actually enter my life.


With State Senator-elect Linda Dorcena Forry.

Most recently, I have joined the Democratic Party (though I never actually left it, since I always vote on party lines), and more specifically I have joined the Greater Boston Young Democrats. It’s a really good feeling to have the opportunity to be there and be counted, rather than shouted down by someone who disagrees with me, as that occurred within the Occupy movement. It means something that I must ask the candidates questions that pertain to me and are important to me, and actually get answers. I want to succeed within the party.


With State Representative-elect Jay Livingstone.

Another change is that I am no longer close to the person I was once was, but I haven’t found a reason why it shouldn’t remain that way. It hurts, even after all this time, but I honestly never felt like I was treated trustworthy. In relationships, being trusted is utmost important. I haven’t written poetry in ages, but that’s because I am extremely romantic and passionate within my poetry – and I don’t have a great deal to feel passionate about.


With Representative Ed Markey.

Another positive thing is discovering my family ancestry. It really means a lot simply to know, esp. as someone who is a history buff. How it impacts my political views is – not happening. It’s rather nice pieces of information, but my politics have stayed the same for quite a while. I still strongly support human rights, transgender rights, worker’s rights, standing up for all members of our communities, not jumping into anything without thought (because I’ve people make some pretty bad mistakes for that), and maintaining a strong ethic. I don’t support F. Gordon Bradley’s membership with the Oranges, but then gay rights was also not an issue on the forefront during his tenure as a politician.


With State Representative Carl Sciortino.

I don’t like feeling I am expected to do anything. It comes off insulting, and frankly, inappropriate. I grew up initially in the Cambridge Massachusetts school system, specifically attending the Graham & Parks School when it was on Upton Street. It was in this school that I was taught acceptance of others, it was at this school that I was taught that in America we truly believed in the freedom of choice, and I was most importantly taught about equality. None of these things were taught through my grandfather, who was not known to me as someone who followed through on his beliefs behind closed doors (he liked his wine, even though he was a self-identified Prohibitionist).


With candidate for Boston City Council At-Large Jeffrey M. Ross.

I really look forward to intense life improvements over the next several months. I miss the simple the things the most, the things you just can’t purchase: Being truly appreciated for being present rather than seen as another ‘body’ (some men are known to treat women in the same disgusting manner), getting income again and some sense of stability I feel a sense of earning from all the advocacy I have done pro bono over the last 2 years, and really representing the political issues I believe in with the diversity of individuals I can cannot with and create change.



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