Adventures in Stereotypical Political Perspectives

This year’s campaign season is a crowded field. Some of the people I have’t met yet, others I have. It’s headache forming to say the least.

I have always enjoyed a strong resistance to peer pressure. It was my mother who would always talk about being the “party mom” like it was some awesome title to have. Yes, I like to have fun, but I’m still a responsible drinker. So drinking is not an issue I concern myself with, but I certainly find blackmail a much more destructive and illegal topic to consider thinking about.

Sadly, stereotypical perceptions are still abound in the 21st century. Consider these clips:

Those two clips are from the same episode of Doctor Who (called Let’s Kill Hitler), an iconic British TV show which airs on BBC’s flagship station, BBC1. The message here is pretty clear what they are sending to children across the UK, not just about woman but also about people of color.

I’m hardly the only one finding these stereotypical points of view a problem.

Has the show improved since then? Take a look:

Ugh. Not an improvement at all.

The first clip (from The Bells of Saint John) is sexist in displaying women (in this case, Miss Kizlet) as manipulative, being able to sweet tongue their way to get others to do their bidding. Appalling. The second clip (from Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS)is also awful given he scolds her about something she doesn’t know about before asking her to completely trust him – because he’s the man – then jumping a cliff. Sexist, indeed. The final clip (from The Crimson Horror) is the most disgusting of them all. Due to the events that take place in this particular scene, I find myself completely unable to watch this episode without developing a sick feeling in my stomach for the main protagonist (often called a hero in the series, The Doctor) sexually assaulting another character, and having it played out like a game. It’s disgusting.

I guess what I am saying is I am not the only one who faces adversity for being who I am, for deciding not to make choices others have made, and seeing the need to stand with those who face similar adversity as myself. So let’s take a look at some awesome clips after seeing those 5 disgusting clips above.

Let’s start with this:

Both Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Senator Claire McCaskill are amazing women legislators for the work that they do. There is no question that the victims of sexual assault need to have their voices heard, and that the system needs a serious reformation to stop the assault on women in the armed forces.

I also enjoy showing this clip of the wonderful Senator Elizabeth Warren addressing the National Democratic Convention, an event I have yet to attend, but look forward to in the next couple of years.

Finally, and most importantly, I want to show this video of former US Senator, and the only African American women to get elected to that office position, Carol Moseley Braun. After her stint as Senator, she would become the US Ambassador to New Zealand, a 2004 US Presidential candidate, and a candidate for the Mayor of Chicago.

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