In Support of Public Accomodations


The first and only bill I had the pleasure of pushing to help get passed was An Act relative to Transgender Equal Rights, or House Bill 3810. It was so important to me as someone who has friends that are transgender, to fight for their rights, as well to continue to advocate and protect mine.

Public Accommodations is such an easy piece of legislation to support, as most of us go about our business dining at restaurants, going to health clinics, getting fit at a local health club, or going shopping at the grocery store, without too much trouble. But for transgender citizens of the Commonwealth, it’s a different story.

As an ally to the transgender community, I will continue to support my friends as this legislation, An Act relative to Equal Access, or House Bill 1589/Senate Bill 643, and may testify in it’s support. It is simply the right thing to do.

Our opponents have so often called it the “Bathroom Bill” as though this was about bathrooms, when it’s much more than that. Indeed, the first testimony I experienced was for the Transgender Equal Rights Bill in 2011, and heard the explanations as to why it shouldn’t have been passed by opponents.

Magical Doors

Those who have opposed this legislation have explained that it opens the doors for rapists to get into our bathrooms, when in fact that is not only a misnomer, but allows for a false sense of security. Door labels assigning genders doesn’t protect from anyone intent on committing a crime from entering the room, anymore than having your name on your mailbox prevents a bugler from entering your house. We have countless evidence that proves this notion is the case, because break-ins happen frequently and no magical protection has ever been allotted by putting your name on a mailbox.


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