Why Did I Have To Read ‘The Hobbit’ So Many Times?


Throughout grammar school and even one year in school, I had to read J. R. R. Tolkien’s book, The Hobbit. I believe it included, once in 3rd Grade (with Ms. Beane), once in 5th Grade (with Mrs. Rizzo), once in 6th Grade (with Mr. Bateman, at the Big Bruce), once in 8th Grade (with Mr. Kohler), and one more time in 10th Grade (with Mr. Cotter). I did not complete school past Sophomore Year, which meant I would never have to be forced to read this pocket book ever again.


By the time I was in High School, I had picked up a copy of the Lord Of The Rings. It was this very same cover above that was the book that I bought. Due to reading The Hobbit so many times before, I found myself caring less about it reading this time around. I wasn’t going to learn anything new about it in Mr. Cotter’s class anymore than I’d learn anything new in it when I was in Mrs. Rizzo’s class. The words of the story remain the same, the person who wrote it (and that person’s life) doesn’t change now from then, and so I got into trouble in school for reading The Lord Of The Rings (which was a book I was extremely into when I was reading it), because I wasn’t following the class assignments.

lord of the ring trilogy

Having read it in high school, and watching the films, I became a really massive fan of the story. It was much more full-bodied and intricate than The Hobbit, and had interesting ideas and events that caused me to think about what I was reading. So, when I found out that there had been a release of Extended Edition DVDs of the movies, that included more footage – I had to buy it.  I had watched it for like 3-5 days before finishing it. It turns out in total, the length of the movies together is 16 hours long, with the final 3rd chapter being a whole 6 hours by itself. Really awesome!

Here are some clips from the package that I liked quite a bit:


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