The Top 25 Episodes of Xena: Warrior Princess

A list of the top 25 episodes of Xena: Warrior Princess. This is back when bad acting was popular, and slapstick humor was considered funny.

25. “The Debt” from Season Three

The first episode taking place in China during the Chin Dynasty. Also an episode that delves into Xena’s past and features Lao Ma.

24. “The Quest” from Season Two

Xena is dead, or so we think. She inhabits the body of Autolycus, the King of Thieves, in order to bring her back to life.

23. “Hooves and Harlots” from Season One

The first episode to feature the Centaurs and Amazons.

22. “Ten Little Warlords” from Season Two

Xena-in-Callisto’s body does Ares a favor in retrieving his Godhood.

21. “Vanishing Act” from Season Three

A statue goes missing, but Autolycus didn’t do it. He goes out to prove how disreputable he is.

20. “Intimate Stranger” from Season Two

Callisto uses Xena’s guilt to swap bodies with Xena and wreak havoc on the world of the living.

19. “A Family Affair” from Season Four

Hope plays the part of Gabrielle in this episode. Plus a giant porcupine is a family member.

18. “Sins of the Past” from Season One

Following the Hercules,  “The Warrior Princess,” this episode introduces us to Gabrielle.

17. “The Reckoning” from Season One

Ares wants the old Xena back, she declines.

16. “Been There, Done That” from Season Three

Groundhog Day meets Xena.

15.  “Crusader” from Season Four

Xena and Gabrielle meet a woman with questionable motives, which often happens anyway.

14. “Mortal Beloved” from Season One

Xena’s dead flame comes back asking for help.

13. “The Furies” from Season Three

Xena is driven mad.

12. “When Fates Collide” from Season Six

Alti messes with Fate and creates another timeline.

11. “God Fearing Child” from Season Five

Zeus is out to get Xena and her baby.

10. “A Neccesary Evil” from Season Two

Callisto and Valasca return in this episode.

9. “Fallen Angel” from Season Five

Callisto is hanging out with her usual crowd.

8. “Sacrifice” from Season Three

Callisto returns to get Hope, Gabrielle dies, and Ares talks a lot.

7. “Livia/Eve” from Season Five

Xena awakens 25 years later to discover her daughter has taken after her less reformed self, and more like Callisto (she is the reincarnation of). Subsequently, Xena prays and Livia is now Eve.

6. “The Rheingold/The Ring/The Return of the Valkryie” from Season Six

A three-part story detailing more of Xena’s past coming back to get her, complete with Valkyries and monsters.

5. “Adventures In The Sin Trade” from Season Four

Alti’s first appearance in the series. Alti also unfortunately makes a slip of the tongue.

4. “Forget Me Not” from Season Three

Gabrielle wants to throw in the towel. Ares decides to helpo

3. “Chakram” from Season Five

Xena has a case of amnesia following being revived.

2. “Callisto/The Return of Callisto” from Seasons One and Two

Callisto’s first and second appearances. One of my favorite villains in the show.

1. “Between The Lines” from Season Four

Gabrielle and Xena meet Alti in another life. This episode will always be a personal favorite.

Notable Mentions

“Tsunami” from Season One

A tidal wave sinks some hopes for diamonds.

“A Tale of Two Muses” from Season Four

Dancing is illegal

“Devi” from Season Four

Eli makes his first appearance in this episode. Gabrielle has sinister powers.

“Succession” from Season Five

An amazon named Mavican wants to succeed Xena at being bad.

“Purity” and “Back In The Bottle” from Season Five

Xena teams up with Lao Ma’s daughters, Pau Ssu  and K’ao Sin, to defeat an evil foe, actually Pau Ssu, who teams up with Ming T’ien.

“Seeds of Faith” from Season Five

We find out the theme for the show may no longer be Ancient Greece or Rome, but now Early Christianity.

“Motherhood” from Season Five

The Gods and Xena battle to (their) death.

“The Haunting of Amphipolis” from Season Six

All Hell breaks loose in Amphipolis.

“Path of Vengeance” from Season Six

Eve + the Amazons = Trouble


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