The Top 50 Episodes of Smallville (Part 1)

Since it’s airing of Season Four, I was definitely a fan of Smallville. There were, of course, several reasons:

justin_hartley-smallville_season_10-3 aaron-ashmore-20060802014714315

Jensen-in-Smallville-jensen-ackles-2152935-333-500 AZKNLPgCQAA3f_t

  • Actors Justin Hartley, Aaron Ashmore, Jensen Ackles, and Alan Ricthson;
  • the Special Effects;
  • and the decent (though, not compelling) storytelling.

Were some of the stories stupid? Yes, but it had infrequent good parts.

50. “Prototype” from Season Six

Lex is trying to turn Wes Keenan into a Super Soldier.

49. “Escape” from Season Nine

As Clark, Lois, Chloe and Oliver head out of town for Easter, the Silver Banshee awakens.

48. “Void” from Season Five

Lana experiments with a dangerous serum.

47. “Cure” from Season Seven

Chloe thinks she has found a cure with the help of Dr. Curtis Knox.

46. “Hostage” from Season Nine

Martha Kent returns to Smallville with her new boyfriend, Perry White, meanwhile Lois and Perry team up on the same story about the mysterious Red Queen.

45. “Justice” from Season Six

Clark teams up with the future Justice League (Bart Allen, AC, Victor Stone), they find out what Lex is up to with Project 33.1.

44. “Finale” from Season Ten

Apokolips arrives on Earth.

43. “Metallo” from Season Nine

John Corben awakens as Metallo, and sets his revenge on the Red-Blue Blur.

42. “Oracle” from Season Five

Clark is summoned by his father’s ghost to kill Lionel Luthor, but this may not be what it appears to be.

41. “Onyx” from Season Four

After a kryptonite explosion, Lex is split into two: Lex as his “good side”, and Alexander as his “evil side.”

40. “Absolute Justice” from Season Nine

A two-hour event introducing the Justice Society of America.

39. “Scion” from Season Ten

Clark and Lois are introcued to Connor Kent, meanwhile, Lionel Luthor from Earth-2 and Tess go head-to-head.

38. “Reckoning” from Season Five

The results of the campaign are revealed. Clark tells his secret to Lana, but Jor-El’s prediction that Clark will lose someone he loves comes to pass.

37. “Savior” from Season Nine

Lois returns from the future, and not alone.

36. “Infamous” from Season Eight

Linda Lake returns to Metropolis and threatens to reveal Clark’s secret.

35. “Hex” from Season Eight

Zatanna grants Chloe wish to be more like Lois.

34. “Fallout” from Season Six

Clark battles the zoner, Baern, with the help of Raya, the assistant of Jor-El.

33. “Kandor” from Season Nine

Jor-El mysteriously arrives on Earth, Zod enlists Tess’s help in finding him to kill him, Clark races against time to save him.

32. “Descent” from Season Seven

The secret of Veritas leads Lex to kill Lionel.

31. “Crimson” from Season Six

Lois tries a new lipstick, but it’s laced with red kryptonite, and she kisses Clark. Clark becomes Kal again.

30. “Prodigal” from Season Two

Lex finds Lucas Luthor in hopes of uniting against Lionel.

29. “Crisis” from Season Three

Clark recieves a phone call from the future in which Adam Knight kills Lana Lang.

28. “Collateral” from Season Ten

Something is wrong, and Chloe appears to be at the center of it.

27. “Siren” from Season Seven

Clark and Oliver meet the Black Canary.

26. “Transference” from Season Four

Clark and Lionel switch bodies.

Notable Mentions

“Tempest” from Season One

Lana gets swept up in a tornado.

“Rosetta” from Season Two

Clark travels to New York to meet Dr. Swann, determined to discover where he came from.

“Perry” from Season Three

Perry White arrives in Smallville in search of stories.

“Façade” from Season Four

Plastic surgery is done with unfortunate consequences.

“Ageless” from Season Four

Clark and Lana find an abandoned baby who ages at a rapid rate.

“Nemesis” from Season Six

Clark and Lex get trapped inside an underground maze.

“Isis” from Season Ten

Lois gets possessed by the Goddess Isis.


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