UNFINISHED POST #9: A Look Back in Politics in 2014, Part Two

 Stopping the Kinder Morgan Pipeline


 Supporting Marjorie Decker’s Re-Election Campaign

10349023_780051638684928_3523226218297598146_n 10645112_796466563710102_7539326108994908135_n

More Work with the Mass Dems

10418978_778776785479080_6569761089850804228_n 10553635_778776735479085_8804498034488876155_n

 Gun Control Bill Ceremony


Campaigning for Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Rep. Carol Shea-Porter and Executive Councilor Chris Pappas


The Boston Carbon Tax Forum at Harvard School of Law


HBGC’s 4th Annual Youth Empowerment Conference


Meeting Jamar Rodgers from “The Voice” and “American Idol”


Meeting New York City Councilor of District 15, Ritchie Torres


Meeting Maryland Governor Martin J. O’Malley



Meeting Mayor Marty Walsh’s Chief Of Staff, Daniel Arrig Koh 


Lingering Questions

1) Why was I excluded from the #DemVention this year? There has no been answer of substance to explain this. I had been invited to the Platform Convention last year, but since I never ran as a delegate, I would be unable to participate. I refused to attend with that in mind. (No excuses.)

2) I’m not included in anything if I am not allowed (or discouraged from) voting. It’s like inviting someone to tea without them having tea. It’s like talking about justice, without letting a person have access to it.

3) Why was I excluded from the People’s Climate March?

4) Why was I excluded the events featuring Vice President Joe Biden, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and First Lady Michelle Obama? I’m aware that actually, I am a constituent of Biden, and Michelle’s husband. I voted for Clinton several years ago. (No excuses.)

5) Why was I excluded from meeting Sam Harris?

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