The Hatred of Career Politicians

Time and time again I have been around others who speak of such hatred for “career politicians.” This Brietbart article illustrates it:

The trend creating “career politicians” has been growing for decades, and it has surely contributed to the entrenchment of power in D.C. and its separation from the will of the American people.

Chris Cillizza of TheWashington Poststates, “There are many more people populating our state legislatures and U.S. Congress who have never done anything outside of being a professional politician than there were even a few decades ago.

David Mendoza has created a revealing chart to show just how large a shift has occurred. He compiled data on politicians’ job background, including representatives and senators from the 89th Congress in 1965 through the 113th in 2013, categorizing the jobs members had before being elected.

Especially interesting is the decline in military veterans compared to career politicians. Who would you trust more to preserve American freedoms in legislature – those who have already taken risks to protect them or those who are used to having power and using it to shape our country into their own vision? Would you rather have representatives who are thinking of their constituents’ interests or those contemplating how they can best advance their own career?

How did this trend get so out of hand? And how do we get back?

One might ask, “When wasn’t there any career politicians?” I think I know the easy answer, “When we didn’t need leaders to fend for ourselves and our invested interests, and didn’t need community.” Essentially, never.

Envy, Jealousy, and Career Politicians

Given the negative language surrounding public officials, for being successful at getting into and keeping elected office, I simply have thought what emotional state bring about such strong negativity. I believe it really comes down to a strong amount of envy, and disregard for one’s own accomplishments, at the very least.

When I apply logic to the statement, it’s legs quickly break under that pressure. There seems to be little logic, or reason, to give such a statement any real weight.

Here are a few questions. If career politicians are so bad, are:

  • Career doctors and specialists also, who help injured and sick get back to better health?
  • Career carpenters and masons, who build homes, businesses, and buildings to house everything?
  • Career therapists, who you might see after a divorce or losing a loved one?
  • Career musicians, whose music you may like?
  • Career photographers, who take amazing and wonderful pictures and videos?
  • Career models, who market themselves and other products you might want to buy?
  • Career actors, who play in movies you might see at the theatres?
  • Career pastors, who preach to you from a pulpit every Sunday?
  • Career historians, who research and educate us on details of historical events and people?
  • Career writers, who write books we may want to read?
  • Career journalists, whom you may watch on TV or read their column in the newspaper?

As one can quickly see, this logic quickly crumbles underneath it’s own weight hastily. Why not just throw ourselves back into the Stone Ages where specialists of any kind simply didn’t exist? Just a thought.


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