When You Aren’t Told, How Do You Move Forward?

There are times when you aren’t told things. There is no explanation, and no reason. But then there is the reality that if I am not good enough to have a right to know what these things are: There is no reason to spend, if not waste, time, thinking about them. Life is too short for these sort of games. And I’m good enough to know.

Like ghosts, UFOs, and other (seemingly) mysterious things that occur. I don’t chase ghosts because they don’t exist. What I don’t have a right to know, I don’t have the obligation to spend any time on. I don’t know what I am not “getting right” to correct, and those require an adequate and article conversation that accounts for my understanding.

What I don’t know, I don’t know. There are more important things to spend on my time on, and those will always get my attention, until I receive a more substantial reason to consider otherwise. I haven’t seen anything of substance to consider, and so it doesn’t exist. You move forward, and ignore what you have no right to know.

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