Living a Life without Excuses

There is no greater pleasure than living a life without excuses. Excuses are awful. They serve no valuable purpose except to stymie production, achievement of goals, and being a responsible person. Nothing works more closely with these than several platitudes we hear.

untitled This is the old one-two. God is here playing the scapegoat and the cheat. Why is God taking advice from Satan on how to treat others here? He’s both to blame, and to praise, for failure. But this is also an illusion. There is no God. There never was. It wasn’t God who did anything. I have never even shook his hand.

When a plan doesn’t work, there is a reason. Always a reason. It’s of personal responsibility to find out what that reason is, and to eliminate it. Success will never be achieved without it.


Never stop putting effort to what that reason is. You will pay dearly if you don’t.


Ha! This one is a complete load of crap.

This Washington Times article articulates it perfectly:

It is inevitable that we all make excuses. The biggest problem with excuses is that we use them to pass the blame to anyone but ourselves.

“It wasn’t me.”

“I didn’t see the stop sign.”

“I didn’t grow up with a father.”

On and on and on.

The differences between people who succeed and those who fail is that losers look for excuses and winners look for reasons. I know some are wondering what the difference is.

Seeking the reasons for your failure means you look at how something went wrong and, most important, what you yourself did wrong. You then learn from that mistake and try not to repeat it the next time.

I look for excuses no where, much like Armstrong Williams states here, merely reasons. They exist and need to be addressed.

Sometimes we must draw a line in the sand and discover the reason in order to move forward.


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