Thoughts on Doctor Who TV Review

I am frequent reader of the website, Doctor Who TV. I have found it reliable for information and occasionally having great insight, often not, usually.

Following the airing of the series finale, “Death In Heaven,” I happen to usually skim through the fan writer reviews for the website. I often ask myself, “Did they catch the same thing here and there that I did?” for example.

I happened to be reading David’s Verdict on the episode, when I read this part (below) and choked up a little:

Do UNIT always hire guards who are blind, deaf and dumb? Missy’s guards are probably the two worst guards in the entirety of Doctor Who. They don’t notice Missy slipping out of her handcuffs, threatening to kill Osgood, or even applying lipstick after breaking out. Were they sharing a moment together or something?

This is a problem. He was speaking about these guards:


So what is the problem? The writer criticizes the guards for being “blind,” “deaf,” and “dumb” before implying they are homosexual (“sharing a moment”). Essentially, this person was grasping at prejudice to explain why these particular guards didn’t guard well. No where in the episode content is it displayed that these guards share anything at all: They are just guards.

Not cool.


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