When Occupy Boston targeted Israel

I remember during Occupy Boston that at one point, the group was all about targeting Israel in the constant conflict in the Middle East. From the get-go, I refused to have any part in protesting Israel. I know Israel to be the land of my people, the only nation state in the world where Jewish people like me are free to be ourselves. Anti-Semitism never ceases to exist, unfortunately.

When this was the “big issue” in Occupy, I had to completely disconnect. I was hurt that so many refused to even listen to me and show some form of understanding. I cried an awful lot over such gross things about my people.

Ridgely Fuller, as seen in the video, has been very particular in recruiting me to join in this awful sham against Israel. She personally chastised me for not wanting to follow her, and lectured me on the “moral” reasons for targeting Israel.

In case you were wondering, Israel has enacted laws of Human Dignity and Liberty.

Israel even has the Joint Arab List has made massive gains in the last Israel election.

Israeli Arabs are descendants of residents who stayed put during the 1948 war of Israel’s founding, in which hundreds of thousands of fellow Palestinians fled or were forced to leave their homes, ending up in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria as well as in Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Some apartheid.


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