“Lawrence is crazy!”


Attorney General Maura Healey speaking during a briefing on a $2 million drug best of heroin and fentanyl at a Lawrence housing complex (via Boston Globe).

The recent drug bust in Lawrence is no surprise to me. I am pretty familiar with the reputation of Lawrence as a city. When I lived in Lawrence for 12 years, and told people as such, the response was almost usually:

“Lawrence is crazy!”

I moved there as a minor in late 1992 with my family. My grandfather’s sister, Ester, had developed heath problems, and could no longer live in the home. Through a series of events I have not much detail on (again, I was a minor), we ended up moving to Lawrence, from Cambridge. I very quickly missed Cambridge, and knowing I would one day be of legal age to make my own decisions for myself, I would eventually get out of Lawrence. I was just waiting for that day.

In 2008, I ended up working for McKesson, a Fortune 20 Corporation, in Methuen. I also made sure that when I worked for McKesson, that I also lived in Methuen (Methuen Square, near Enterprise Bank and Coco, Early, & Associates).

By 2012, my former best friend and her mother had moved away from Lawrence, to Lowell. One of my old school mates now lives in Mattapan.

Now, does this mean I don’t care about Lawrence? No, I wouldn’t say that. I supported Dan Rivera, who is the current Mayor of Lawrence, because I want Lawrence to change for the better. But given my current situation, I can’t do that from Lawrence, and I don’t have to live any particular place in order to create positive change.


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