A Look at My English Relatives: Bate(s) and Proe

Unlike other genealogy posts, this will have documentation in reverse order. For starters, this post will not begin with Reverend Albert Ernest Bates, but rather his father: Clifford W. Bates.

According to the 1940 Census, this is Clifford Bates (from Rhode Island), with his wife, Natalie (from Maine), with his children: Albert and David. They live at 137 Beechwood Road.


According to the 1930 Census, this is Clifford W. Bate (yes, Bate) living in Boston with his father, Albert Ernest, and his mother, Lillian M., and his brother Ernest S., sister Doris H. Sanford, her husband, Gustav, and their child. For some reason, between 1940 and 1930, the family added an S to the end of their surname.


According to the 1920 Census, this is Clifford living with his family in Rumford, Oxford, Maine. This includes his brother Thomas and Stanley.


This is Albert Ernest Bate‘s Mason Membership card. As can be seen, he is from Lancashire, England, and is a grocer.


According to the 1911 Census of England, this is Albert Ernest, with his wife, Lillian Mabel, and his children, Thomas Sidney, Doris Mabel, and Ernest Stanley.rg14_22717_0147_03 (1)According to the 1901 Census of England, this is Albert Ernest Bate, with his father, Thomas Bate, mother, Elizabeth, and siblings: Samuel, Betsy, Edwin, Simon, and Mary. They were living in Lowton, Lancashire.


According to this, Albert married Lillian on July 14th, 1902:

Marriage: 14 Jul 1902 St George, Wigan, Lancs.
Albert Ernest Bate – 22, Grocer, Bachelor, Ince
Lilian Mabel Proe – 22, Spinster, Scholes Bridge
Groom’s Father: Thomas Bate, Publican
Bride’s Father: Samuel Proe, (deceased), Cab Proprietor
Witness: Edward Hughes; Bessie Bate
Married by Banns by: Enoch Thomas
Register: Marriages 1901 – 1908, Page 40, Entry 79
Source: Original register at Wigan Archives

According to the 1891 Census of England, this is Albert Ernest, with his family living in Lowton, Lancashire.


This is Lillian Mabel‘s Baptismal Record, listing her parents, Samuel and Ellen Proe, living in Millgate, Rochdale, Lancashire. The Baptism taking place on September 22nd, 1879 (being born on August 26th, 1879).


According to the 1891 Census of England, this is Lillian M. Proe, with her father, Samuel Proe, his wife, Ellen, and her siblings, John and Thomas. She apparently worked as a Clerk for her father’s Coach Company. Her brother, Thomas, was also a scholar.


According to the 1881 Census of England, this is Lillian, with her father, Samuel, mother, Ellen, and brother, John. She is only 1 years old here.

LANRG11_3765_3769-0317 (1)

According to the 1851 Census of England, this is the earliest I have found Samuel Proe, with his father, Thomas, mother, Jane, and siblings, living in Wigan, St. George, Lancashire.

LANHO107_2199_2199-0250According to the 1871 Census of England, this is the earliest I have found Thomas Bate, with his father, Samuel, and mother Betty, living in Lowton, Lancashire.

LANRG10_3910_3912-0061Finally, these are the final one 1841 Census of England, of Samuel and Betty Bate.


These were found in the Wigan World Cemetary Index at Wigan’s World, searching for “Samuel Proe“:

5 record(s) found.
Surname Forename Age Place of Death Date Year Notes Grave Cremation Religion
Bate Lilian Muriel 57 yrs Cottage Hosp. Newton 14-Jun 1935 [Legh Arms Htl.Newton] B 545 C of E
Jones Thomas 62 Wigan Workhouse 12-Jan 1904 B 545 C of E
Proe Samuel 48 yrs 120 Millgate 17-Dec 1895 B 545 C of E
Proe Thomas Clare 31 yrs 101 Warrington Lane 20-Feb 1914 B 545 C of E
Proe Ellen 74 yrs Frog Lane 02-Dec 1921 St. Barnabas Home B 545 C of E

Interestingly enough, it appears that the street that Ellen lived on became “Proe’s Court”:

Proe’s Court      68, Frog Lane

Searching for “Thomas Proe” (Samuel’s father) this came up:

3 record(s) found.
Surname Forename Age Place of Death Date Year Notes Grave Cremation Religion
Proe Thomas 50 yrs Scholes 09-Jun 1877 B 82 Non Con
Proe Jane 60 Yrs 19 Wigan Lane 04-Jan 1887 B 82 Non Con
Proe James 35 yrs 35 Caroline St. 08-Mar 1894 B 82 Non Con

The images below are taken from the first image presented, notice the mention of both Samuel Proe and Thomas Proe being the proprietors of the coach and cab proprietor.

More mentions here of “Proe and Co., Proprietorshere.

This is additionally taken from Worrall’s Wigan and District Directory, 1881:

Proe Samuel, coach and cab proprietor (Proe & Co.), 120 Millgate
Proe & Co., coach and cab proprietors, and funeral undertakers, Barrack yard, Wallgate

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