Congressman Seth Moulton: McDreamy or McSteamy?

Rep. Seth Moulton

Hometown: Marblehead, Mass.

Age: 36 Relationship

Status: Single

Party Affiliation: Democrat

He’s served four tours in Iraq, hosted a TV show and earned degrees from Harvard, but Seth Moulton insists he’s a “boat shoes, no socks” kind of guy.

“I think people often think of me as very intense. I’m a congressman and all, but I’m actually very laid back,” he said.

A former Marine Corps officer, Moulton’s an avid skier who loves fishing — and the “occasional date, of course.”

So how is his dating life? “It’s all right. It’s a little challenging as a congressman to keep a low profile, but I try very hard to keep a low profile.”

When he’s not out on the town, the House freshman is busy whipping up his signature seafood dish: lobster fettuccine Alfredo.

“I make it from scratch,” Moulton said. “I go down to the dock in Marblehead, buy a lobster off the dock. It’s a crowd pleaser, and a good date move.”

So is he more McDreamy or McSteamy?


What do you think?


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