Reflections On: CLIEИT at T.T. the Bear’s Place, 2007


Even back then, I was gearing up to stand independantly on my own two feet. Greg K. is in front of me. Sarah Blackwood (Client B) is on the microphone (T. T. the Bear’s Place on May31st, 2007, Cambridge, MA).

I’m no stranger to Cambridge, Mass (the city of Ken Reeves, E. Denise Simmons, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon). I’m no stranger to the Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub, or T.T. the Bear’s Place either.


On May 31st, 2007, I went to T.T. the Bear’s Place with my then-friend Greg K. from North Andover, Mass. to see a British electroclash/synthpop band, CLIEИT. I had, up until this point, never even seen a live performance of a band, so I was actually excited (even though it wasn’t Spice Girls, sadly). My parents were in on me attending, and had no problems with it.


The first two bands to perform were Karacter and Provocateur. They were pretty decent, but I wasn’t wowed or anything. Then CLIEИT went to perform, playing several songs from their latest album, Heartland. Afterwards, I got to meet the band members at the time: Sarah Blackwood, Kate Holmes, and Emily Mann. Sarah thought I was invisible while Emily didn’t even acknowledge I even existed (turns out in a month she’d take off from the band). Kate, who is married to Alan McGee, was the most personable of them all and enjoyed our conversation (there is a picture with me and her somewhere, but I actually don’t have it). T.T. the Bear’s Place has since shut it’s doors.

Sarah Blackwood had formerly been part of the band, Dubstar, through the 1990s. Their most well-known song is “Stars.” She has since left CLIEИT.

Some songs from City:

Some songs from Heartland:

From Authority (with Nicole Thomas):


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