On 1N3


Derek Yates is more than just a pretty face. He is co-founder of 1N3:

In memory of Kevin, his mother and brother, Tiki Finlayson and Derek Yates, started 1N3 within days of the crash because “One in three of us are impacted by drunk driving.” They are 1N3, and as a family wanted to do more than change laws pertaining to driving under the influence. They wanted to change the lives of the people that were impacted by it and educate the public about this 100% preventable crime so other families would not have to endure this same pain.

​No parent should have to bury their child. No sibling should lose their brother, or sister. No friend should be taken away, not over a senseless act like drunk driving.

​“One in three of us are impacted by drunk driving.” Those are high odds that someone you know has either been killed or injured in a drunk driving crash. Thousands upon thousands of deaths occur every year because someone made the “bad choice” to drive intoxicated.

​Alcohol is a privilege, and should be respected. It wouldn’t be sensible for us to promote not drinking at all, because it is a large a part of our society, BUT we can bring Awareness to everyone about the dangers and consequences. You should always be prepared to call a friend, a cab, or have a designated driver IF you choose to drink, or stay where you are until you are sober.

​Prescription and illegal drugs are another cause of many deaths, especially when paired with alcohol. In Kevin’s case, this is true. The driver of the vehicle who hit Kevin had both alcohol AND a small amount of prescription drugs (prescribed to her) in her system. The combination of them intensified her 0.235 BAC enough to where she was reported to have driven 4.1 miles on the wrong side of a highway divided by a concrete barrier, unaware she was on the wrong side! To this day she does not remember anything about the crash.

​The driver, Latisha Stephens, who hit Kevin had a blood alcohol level was 0.235 (legal limit is 0.08), almost three times the legal limit. She had small amounts of three prescribed mood-altering drugs in her system. Latisha expressed her deep remorse and regrets to our family and offered to become a spokesperson for 1N3 while at our Restorative Justice meeting on March 29, 2012. She was charged with Vehicular Homicide by Intoxication, and was sentenced to 8 years in prison, along with 6 years supervised probation for Reckless Endangerment, and 90 days with 1N3 on April 3, 2012.

​In the end, driving under the influence should be a definite NO!

​The goal of 1N3 is to change the way people think about what they do which can help them to make better choices. Our nature is to be selfish and not think of others and how our actions affect them. If we can change the way people think we can change their behavior and actions.



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