A Special Look at: The Crimson Horror


In a previous post, I indicated that The Crimson Horror was a close second to the worst episode of Series 7. Although, the story is pretty sound and the episode is decent, the only manner that would make it horrible is a specific few scenes, but that’s not the only problem.


This first scene takes place after Jenny recues the Doctor and places in a chamber to be returned back to normal. Upon exiting the chamber, he kisses Jenny pretty forcefully (notice the manner by which he places his arms around her making sure she cannot disengage from it). She slaps him for it, and then he gleefully says, “You have no idea how good that feels.” According to Feminist Theory and the Philosophies of Man, Chapter 4: ‘A World Without Women: The Existentialist Feminism of Simone de Beauvoir’:

Radical lesbian theorists added a further element to patriarchal power politics. Adrienne Rich, in ‘Compulsory heterosexuality and lesbian existence,’ argued that heterosexuality is not natural but imposed on women by men. As with men, women’s primary tie is to their mothers, and heterosexuality ‘wrenches’ them away from that first love. Marriage, gynecology, and rape are institutions that allow men to repress female homosexuality and force them into bed. Enforced heterosexuality is a deep source of female oppression. Lesbian feminist theory added further detail to Brownmiller’s and Dworkin’s primal rape scene. Men had to force themselves on women who are not naturally inclined to experience sexual desire of the opposite sex. Males force sex on women because men want children, or, as Rita Mae Brown seems to imply in her novel, Rubyfruit jungle, because men are such incompetent lovers no woman would want to have sex with them. Men are the aggressors because they desire women who do not naturally desire them, therefore a forceful taking of a woman is necessary,



This next scene is hardly family friendly. As the Doctor and Jenny are trying to rescue Clara, they encounter local pilgrims with the Mill. When Jenny removes bonnet and dress, she is revealed to be a tight leather outfit. The shot between her legs similar to that of The Graduate in the infamous, Mrs. Robinson scene:

Mrs Robinson you are trying to seduce meFurthermore, as the Doctor witnesses Jenny in this state, the sonic screwdriver moves upward as a phallic symbol. It is telling the viewers this is a turn-on. Once he notices this is happening, he moves the sonic screwdriver back downward to prevent any notice of this.


Women as Monsters

Both Winifred and Ada Gillyflower are depicted as monsters. In the instance of Winifred, who is a prize-winning chemist, mechanical engineer, and founder of Sweetville.


She discovered a “red leech” and named it Mr. Sweet, symbolically living off it’s nectar and using this poison to create Sweetville. She experimented on her daughter, Ada, to develop an antitoxin so when she the poison across the atmosphere, she would survive. Ambitious woman.



Ada Gillyflower was blind and had scars on her face from the experiments that her mother had done to her. During her mother’s sermons, she used Ada as an example of human ignorance, claiming that the blindness was caused by her father in a drunken rage.

After the Doctor told her the truth, well, it’s in the video above.





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