The Best of Kylie Minogue: 2000-2012


I am such a fan!

“Spinning Around” is a great song from Light Years.

“Your Disco Needs You” is also fantastic from Light Years.

“Can’t Get You Outta My Head” was the awesome first song released from Fever.

“In Your Eyes” is a good also a good song from Fever.

“Love at First Sight” is so awesome from Fever.

I totally love “Come into My World” from Fever.

“Slow” is well-worth it from Body Language.

“I Believe in You” is wicked awesome from Ultimate Kylie.

“2 Hearts” is a great first song from X.

“Wow” never, never, ever, ever, ever gets old from X. The video is so completely exceptional to boot.

“In My Arms” is also damn great from X.

“The One” is very, very good from X.

“All the Lovers” is so awesome from Aphrodite.

“Get Outta My Way” is equally awesome from Aphrodite.

I really love “Better than Today” from Aphrodite.

“Timebomb” rocks my world.


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