A Special Look at: Robot of Sherwood

There was nothing about Robot of Sherwood I really liked. It was incredibly dull, and conveniently put together to really get on my radar. According to The Independent:

And it was all going so well… what happened? After last week’s Dalek triumph, tonight paled in comparison.

‘Robot of Sherwood’ came as something of a disappointment.

It attempted to shoehorn a well-loved historical figure (mythical or otherwise) into the series and combine it with the central arc involving Missy and The Promise Land.


The result was an oddly pieced together episode that didn’t make much sense.

There were no silver linings either. Far too much time was spent on the Doctor and Robin Hood attempting to out-banter each other. No one cared. Then there was the Doctor’s obsession with disproving the existence of Robin Hood?


Again, no one really cared.

If only the Doctor and Clara had ended up in a miniscope like ‘Carnival of Monsters’ from the Jon Pertwee era, it would have made things far more interesting. Long-form storytelling on television is back in vogue, so why not spend another episode on the robotic knights and the legend of Robin Hood?Even Clara who has come so far in this series was grating. She reverted back to the school girl with the crush. Three steps forwards and two steps back as she gazed with dewy eyes and wonderment at her legendary outlaw and pranced through the forest with him.

Tom Riley‘s merry outlaw failed to charm and appeared to be smothered in so much foundation that he looked a tad orange at times and more suited to Strictly than Sherwood. Meanwhile Ben Miller‘s Sheriff of Nottingham did not offer any relief – comic or otherwise. Both Miller and Tom Riley’s performances were too caricature for this new era of Doctor Who.

Where has all the darkness that we were promised repeatedly gone? This was one for the kids to enjoy. It was so dull that it was more likely to convince some grown ups to revisit Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves for some real robbing from the rich, giving to the poor action.

Apparently the BBC struggles to get the legend of Robin Hood right, as this episode attests to. Let’s not forget the ridiculously anachronistic Robin Hood miniseries from several years ago either. The show was admittedly a guilty pleasure, featuring Keith Allen as the Sheriff of Nottingham, and an outlaw kitted out in a hoodie, who was more likely to be carrying an Asbo than a bow and arrow. Yet both were poorly executed.


On Clara: Ugh. Don’t get me started.



7 thoughts on “A Special Look at: Robot of Sherwood

  1. I actually just watched this last night. I too originally hated it and thought it poorly done, but last night I enjoyed it. The competitive banter between the Doctor and Robin was great in my opinion — it gave us a great look into the new Doctor — including his general competitive behavior. This Doctor is the anti-hero who is always looking for an answer and competition rather than the “young hero” who’s always looking for entertainment, then answers.

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