The Best of Enrique Iglesias 1999-2014


I have been a fan of Enrique for ages.

I enjoyed “Bailamos” from Enrique.

“Rhythm Divine” is also good from Enrique.

“Be With You” was such a fantastic song from Enrique.

“Could I Have This Kiss Forever” with Whitney Houston is so good from Enrique.

I totally really loved “Hero” from Escape.

“Escape” is also really fantastic from Escape.

“Don’t Turn Off The Lights” is an OK song from Escape.

“Maybe” is also an OK song from Escape.

“Do You Know? (The Ping Pong Song)” is pretty good from Insomniac.

“I Like It” is an awesome song with Pitbull from Euphoria.

“Heartbeat” with Nicole Scherzinger is also very good from Euphoria.

I fucking love “Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You)” with Ludacris and DJ Frank E from Euphoria.

“Finally Found You” with Sammy Adams is wicked awesome from Sex And Love.

“Beautiful” with Kylie Minogue is also fantastic from Sex And Love.


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