Favorite Cancelled Shows: Popular


I loved Popular! I just loved it so, so much! As a young gay man, I was deeply saddened by it’s cancellation. Very, deeply saddened. This show is known for tackling really sensitive social issues, such as sex education (1.8 “Tonight’s the Night”), transgender rights (1.18 “Ch-Ch-Changes”), challenging gender roles (1.16 “All About Adam” with a pre-Prison Break Wentworth Miller as Adam, no less), a Sadie Hawkins dance (1.13 “Hope in a Jar”), teen homelessness (2.6 “Style and Substance Abuse”), the fragility of life (2.8 “Misery Loathes Company”), family members with alcoholism (2.9 “Are You There God? It’s Me, Ann-Margret”), STDs (2.11 “Fire in the Hole”), and dealing with homophobia (2.16 “Fag”).


On top of it, a post-Designing Women Delta Burke (1.21 “What Makes Sammy Run” and 1.22 “Two Weddings and a Funeral”) also appears.




6 thoughts on “Favorite Cancelled Shows: Popular

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