Reflections On: Weylu’s and Kowloon


Growing up in Massachusetts, who doesn’t remember Weylu’s in Saugus? I remember the stone edifice we had to climb in our car in order to get there, the endless fountains throughout the restaurant, and the very good food they served. It was a special place to go to as a child. I was sad to hear it shuttered it’s doors. In 2015, the building which housed the restaurant was demolished.


During the holidays, or simply when we were in the neighborhood, I ate there with my family very frequently. Nearly everywhere you sat, there was a fountain, and children, like myself, could throw pennies into them. Yes, I remember fondly of Weylu’s and the time that I spent there, but so often these landmarks get lost to time and change.


After Weylu’s went under, my family began taking us to Kowloon, also on Rt, 1 in Saugus. It is not Weylu’s, but they do make great food. I definitely like going to Kowloon for their Peninsula Pu Pu Platter.



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