Reflections On: BHCA’s Decorating and Undecorating Days

Every year since 2013 (OK, so I missed 2014 because I was under poor health) I gratefully take part in putting up the Garlands on the lamp posts in the historic neighborhood of Beacon Hill. This is done with the Beacon Hill Civic Association, which every December. In 2013, I helped to put them up. I believe it was Rep. Jay Livingstone whom originally invited me to this, actually.

When you put something up, you must also take it down. In 2015, although I did not help put them up, I did make sure to help bring them down. Before we bring them down, however, there is a Pancake Breakfast at Hampshire House with Tom Kershaw (not pictured), it’s owner who also owns Bull & Finch (now known as Cheers Boston), and 75 Chestnut. It’s a wonderful place to be in the morning before heading out in all sorts of weather to bring them down. I’m pictured with BHCA’s Administrative Assistant, Chase Mack.

In 2015, I was finally able to help put them up and take them down, which was quite nice. In the group photo, is Patricia Tully, the new Executive Director of BHCA, succeeding MaryLee Halpin, another organizer of the events I have known since I began being involved.

What was even more wonderful was our work being featured in one of the local newspapers, The Beacon Hill Times.


It wouldn’t be Decorating or Undecorating Days without Ivy Turner though, who is one of the founders of this neighborhood tradition.



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