The Best and Worst of Xena Warrior Princess: Season 4

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The Best:

Adventures in the Sin Trade, A Family Affair, A Tale of Two Muses, Crusader, Paradise Found, Devi, Between the Lines, The Way, Endgame, and The Ides of March



In little bits:

  • Adventures in the Sin Trade sees the introduction of evil shamaness Alti, as Xena has traveled to Siberia and the Amazon Land of the Dead in search of Gabrielle. While there, she relives her encounter with Queen Cyane and Alti;
  • In A Family Affair, Xena finds Gabrielle in Poteidaia, but something dark lurks the town – the Destroyer, child of Hope. Is it really Gabrielle, or Hope?;
  • A Tale of Two Muses features the last appearance of Tara, as Xena and Gabrielle bring dancing to Melitia, a town where it is banned;
  • Crusader sees Xena and Gabrielle meet Najara, a warrior who forces sinners and warlords to “The Way Of The Light,” but if they don’t repent, she kills them;
  • Paradise Found sees Xena and Gabrielle fall into a hole while hiding in a finding a bucolic world of seeming peace;
  • Devi sees the introduction to Eli, as well as the possession of Gabrielle by Tataka;
  • Between the Lines, a fantastic episode, sees Xena and Gabrielle’s souls sent into the future using the power of  Mehndi to protect their good karma from the reincarnated Alti;
  • In The Way, Xena seeks the help of the god Krishna to rescue Gabrielle and Eli from the clutches of Indrajit;
  • Endgame sees Brutus kill Ephiny, so Gabrielle takes over as Queen of the Amazons, meanwhile Xena pursues Brutus hoping he’ll lead her to Pompey; and,
  • In The Ides of March, the long prophesied death of Xena and Gabrielle come to pass when Callisto makes a deal with the king of hell being sent back to Earth in order to ensure he becomes the first Emperor of Rome.

According to the Xenaville review of Adventures in the Sin Trade , Part I:

After that S3 finale, season 4 opens with a desperate Xena seeking to retrieve Gabrielle from the Amazon land of the dead. She remembers her past with Borias and a meeting with a sinister shameness named Alti, who offered her power – but at a terrible price. Extremely visual director TJ Scott`s distinctive camera work and a really ambitious script are the notable features of this story.

According to the Xenaville review of Adventures in the Sin Trade , Part II:

Xena continues her quest to save Gabrielle, and meets a group of young Amazons, led by Otere (Sheeri Rappartport) whose tribe Xena wiped out singlehandedly many years before at the urging of the evil shameness Alti. Xena must defeat Alti to help them and try and find Gabrielle, but Alti plays dirty and the final battle fought on the spirit realm between them reveals a terrible future to Xena…

According to the Xenaville review of A Family Affair:

After discovering Gabrielle was alive at the end of the last episode, Xena heads for Poteidaia and meets up with Joxer. Their search leads them to Gabrielle! However, the family reunions include a certain demon daughter and a terrible beast who is her little lad, the Destroyer! Was Xena`s vision really Gabrielle or was it only Hope who survived the fall into the lava pit?

According to the Xenaville review of A Tale of Two Muses:

A dancing episode(!) directed by Michael(Iolaus) Hurst, that has Xena and Gabrielle helping a town where dancing is oulawed. Tara – that nice girl from “Forgiven”- returns as a rebel who wants to dance. To get things changed, Xena brings in Autolycus in a ridiculousy complex plan. He comes disguised as Philapon the Reformer, a TV Evangelist type preacher. There is lots of dancing – Riverdance style largely. Baddie-with-worst-outfit winner appears.

According to the Xenaville review of Crusader:

Xena and Gabrielle meet up with a female crusader named Najara, on a quest of her own against evil. She seems like a valuble friend, and Gabrielle is impressed with her desire to help people and maybe open a hospice for the sick. Xena realises that Gabrielle might even be better off with Najara. However, she is not quite all she seems and Xena has a fight on her hands once again, and the female warrior is almost as good as she is!

According to the Xenaville review of Paradise Found:

Fantasy, Alice in Wonderland type episode which features more mysticism. The first of the India episodes, although you only know via a voice over at the start. Xena and Gabrielle are sheltering from a storm and enter a strange land (the Alice in Wonderland-like bit). There they meet Aiden, a man who seems strangely at peace with himself. Gabrielle takes to him and he does yoga with her and gets her to talk about her traumatic past with Hope. She feels more and more soothed. Meanwhile Xena is feeling more and more violent and aggressive. Something is not quite right….Snazzy costumes for Gab, plus THAT bath scene and massage!

According to the Xenaville review of Devi:

This is the first proper episode of the Indian arc, that has Xena and Gabrielle meet a street magician named Eli (Timothy Omundsen). After his assistant is seemingly possessed by demons, Gabrielle appears to heal her. The locals think she is a Devi – a heling deity, but then Gabrielle starts behaving rather oddly… Meanwhile Xena gets to know Eli and enlists him to help her and Gabrielle.

According to the Xenaville review of Between the Lines:

Alti returns in this tale of reincarnation and the battle between good and evil. Xena and Gabrielle are still in India, and at a funeral, they meet Naiyima, the rather nutty widow who is about to be tossed onto the funeral pyre in a the “suti” ritual. They rescue her, but she sees something in Xena and sends her forward in time into another of her incarnations, as an old woman named Armenestra, the Mother of Peace! There Xena meets Kinden, who is actually Alti in another incarnation. Back in India, Naiyima teaches Gabrielle about the mendhi, a sort of body art that somehow has the power to capture Alti in the future and bring her back to the present. She sends Gabrielle to Xena, and Gab ends up in the body of Shakti, a young male warrior!

Eventually Xena and Gabrielle realise they are themselves but Alti, ruthless as ever captures them. Gabrielle gets busy with her Magic Mendhi Marker on Xena and herself and they use the power of the mendhi to bring Alti back. There, Alti gives the two of them a real pasting, and at one point she chokes Gabrielle. Xena uses her chakram to cut Gabrielle`s hair, giving her a trim and releasing her from Alti. Naiyima arrives in the nick of time to help them defeat Alti, but she warns that Alti is not dead, just in another time….

According to the Xenaville review of The Way:

Probably the most notorious episode of the show due to the protests by a militant Hindu group that forced Universal to withdraw the episode. It is another of the Indian episodes that has Xena enlisting the help of Krishna to save Gabrielle and Eli from the demon Indrajit. This time Xena and Gabrielle are mixing with actual Hindu deities. Hanuman, the monkey god appears but it was the depiction on Krishna that the protests were about. Xena, Gabrielle and Eli team up with Hanuman who recognises Eli as a holy man. They try to hide from Indrajit, but he kidnaps Eli and Gabrielle. For the first time we see Xena praying respectfully to a god, and Krishna gives her valuble advice on how to find her “Way”. The confrontation between Xena and Indrajit is on of the most violent ever, with Xena suffering some horrible injuries before transforming into Kali – another deity with 6 arms who manages to defeat Indrajit.

After the withdrawal of the episode, there was a very strong backlash from Xena fans wanting to see this important episode, and a revised version was released that removed the disclaimer (see below), which to be honest WAS a little disrespectful, and a headbutt on Hanuman by Xena. There was also a very insincere sounding public service announcement about the Hinud religion that was in no way an apology. However, the episode has still not been shown in many countries including the UK.

According to the Xenaville review of Endgame:

Xena and Gabrielle return to the Amazons where tragedy strikes and they are plunged into conflict with the Romans. Gabrielle is forced into taking over as queen once again while once more two Roman armies are manipulated by Xena. This episode introduces the character Amarice and the latest actor to play Brutus.

According to the Xenaville review of The Ides of March:

The real Season finale, sees Xena and Gabrielle once more come up against Julius Caesar and the Romans. If you know your history or your Shakespeare, you should be able to guess at least one event from this episode! However this is a major episode in many ways. Firstly, the episode opens with a short haired Callisto back again. After Sacrifice II it seemed she would be gone for good, but it emerges that Callisto is in hell. She is offered a chance to escape, if she can return with Xena. Meanwhile, Caesar has a huge bounty on Xena`s head so she goes to Rome to settle things. Callisto thwarts Xena`s assassination attempt by catching and keeping her chakram.

Gabrielle and Amarice meet up with Eli, and once again Gabrielle is captivated by his message of peace. However, when Eli and his followerd and Gabrielle and Amarice are captured by the Romans, the peaceful path seems unlikely to help. Xena races back from Rome to save them, rebuffing Callisto`s attempts to tempt her. She manages to rescue Gabrielle and Eli from the Roman jail, but seeing her escape os too much for Callisto, who flings the chakram at Xena, breaking both her back and the chakram! Gabrielle is forced into killing to protect Xena and she swings the sword with a vengeace. However, Xena cannot move and the pair are captured and their crucifixion ordered…the crucifixion vision that appeared in Adventures in the Sin Trade looks like coming true…..


The Worst:

If the Shoe Fits…, Takes One to Know One, and Déjà Vu All over Again


In pieces:

  • If the Shoe Fits… features Xena, Gabrielle, Aphrodite, and Joxer telling Princess Alesia (who has run away from home) Cinderella stories;
  • Takes One to Know One seems inspired by Clue;
  • Déjà Vu All over Again introduces Annie Day, a hardcore Xena fan believing that she is the reincarnation of Xena, and visits a past life therapist in order to learn the truth.

According to the Xenaville review of If the Shoe Fits…:

Xena, Gabrielle and Joxer (and Aphrodite) try to persuade a young runaway princess named Alesia to return home by each of them telling her their version of the Cinderella story – here called Tyrella. Each of them has a slightly different take on it. Meanwhile, Xena is trying to recapture the villain, Zantar, who also appears in the fairy tale story!

According to the Xenaville review of Takes One to Know One:

A murder mystery, as friends and family gather at Cyrene`s inn for a surprise birthday party for Gabrielle. When a woman is found dead, Xena must uncover the killer even if it is one of her friends. The plot thicken when it emerges that the murdered woman, Ravenica, is a bounty hunter, looking for Xena! Discord, goddess of retribution gives Xena just one night to play detective.

According to the Xenaville review of Déjà Vu All over Again:

Renee O`Connor directs for the first time!! Set in the present day, The final episode of Season 4 is a clip show that also is notable for being actress Renee O`Connor`s directorial debut. It is set in the present day. Lucy Lawless plays a woman convinced she was Xena in a past life! Ted Raimi plays her boyfriend Harry, and Renee O`Connor is Mattie, the past lives therapist she sees. Robert Trebor finally returns to XENA, although not as Salmoneus but as Marco, Mattie`s receptionist.



The next in best and worst is Season 3.


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