Favorite Cancelled Shows: What I Like About You

I remember loving What I Like About You, certainly because it featured actor Nick Zano:


But also because it featured City Guys‘ Wesley Jonathan. City Guys was a “more diverse Saved by the Bell set in the concrete jungle of New York City.” Basically, a show more to my liking. The synopsis is as follows:

Preppy Christopher “Chris” Anderson (Scott Whyte) lives on Park Avenue while Jamal Grant (Wesley Jonathan) comes from the streets of Harlem.

After being kicked out of their own respective schools, the two very different students start attending Manhattan High School in New York City. They soon become part of a diverse group of friends that includes Dawn Tartikoff (Caitlin Mowrey), Alberto ‘Al Rocket Man Buttons’ Ramos (Dion Basco), Cassidy Giuliani (Marissa Dyan), and Lionel “El-Train” Johnson (Steven Daniel).

They make their way through their school years and do their best to slip under the radar of Principal Karen Coretta Noble (Marcella Lowery).

What did I like about What I Like About You (besides Nick Zano)? Well, it was freaking hilarious! The synopsis is as follows:

When her father moves away to take a job in Tokyo, 16-year-old Holly Tyler (Amanda Bynes) moves into the Manhattan apartment of her 28-year-old sister, Valerie (Jennie Garth). The two couldn’t be more different from one another.

Holly is rambunctious and energetic and wants to take full advantage of all that New York has to offer. She becomes friends with nerdy Gary Thorpe (Wesley Jonathan) and datesguys like Henry Gibson (Michael McMillian), British Ben Sheffield (David de Lautour), and her true love, Vince (Nick Zano).

Valerie is far more uptight and neurotic than her sister and works as a public relations executive, eventually starting her own firm. Her friends include competitive co-worker Lauren (Leslie Grossman) and trampy Tina Haven (Allison Munn). Along the way, she dates commitment phobic Jeff Campbell (Simon Rex); boss Peter (Stephen Dunham); an old flame, Rick (Edward Kerr); and finally Vic Meladeo (Dan Cortese).

It also featured Leslie Grossman (Popular), and Amanda Bynes (Hairspray). The show,sadly, was cancelled with the formation of the CW Network formed from the WB/UPN merger.


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