Favorite Cancelled Shows: Mutant X

Mutant X is inspired by, but different to, X-Men. In fact, in 2001,, 20th Century Fox sued Marvel, Tribune Entertainment, and Fireworks Entertainment for breach of their licensing agreement and false advertisement, as promoting the series as “a false association between the…television show and Fox’s ‘X-Men’ motion picture,” and thereby “falsely designat[ing] to the public the nature, origin, and source” of the TV series.” The lawsuit was settled by 2003, as according to ICv2‘s article, “Mutant X Suit Settled“:

Twentieth Century Fox and Marvel Enterprises announced that they’ve settled the lawsuit filed by Fox over the Mutant X  television show (see ‘Fox Sues Marvel Over Mutant X’) almost two years ago.  Terms of the deal are confidential, but are ‘designed to put the lawsuit behind and expand the relationship between Fox and Marvel.’  Fox filed the suit because it had the exclusive TV rights to X-Men projects, and it alleged that Mutant X was too close to X-Men.  In August of 2001, a court ruling allowed the show to go forward, but also determined that the title infringed on Fox’s rights.

The show notably features Victoria Pratt (Cleopatra 2525, Xena: Warrior Princess), as well as the handsome Victor Webster as Brennan Mulwray:

And Forbes March as Jesse Kilmartin:

In 2004, Mutant X was cancelled, only lasting three seasons, as according to IGN‘s article, “Mutant X, Andromeda Cancelled“:

Andromeda and Mutant X will be coming to an end, thanks to the closing of Canadian producer Fireworks.  In an announcement on Friday, Fireworks owners CanWest Global Communications made public its plan to close the doors of the Toronto based producer and sell its library of productions.  According to a CanWest spokesman, discussions were underway with a number of interested parties.

Fireworks was the primary producer for a number of series, mostly action / adventure shows for the U.S. syndication market.  As the demand in the U.S. for such programming has declined over the past few years, Fireworks was faced with rising debt.  While there could be potential for the series to continue with another producer, that possibility seems unlikely.  Karen Cliche, who plays Lexa Pierce onMutant X, announced that the series was cancelled on her personal website over the weekend, so the future doesn’t look too bright.

Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda was recently part of a large sale to the U.S. Sci-Fi Channel which added the series to its Friday night lineup several weeks ago.  A deal for the next season to air exclusively on Sci-Fi may save that series from extinction but the possibility is remote at best.  According to a number of industry insiders, Sci-Fi Channel would not have the money required to take up the slack from losing Fireworks as a co-production partner.


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