On Firestarter 2: Rekindled

Eighteen years after the original debut of Firestarter, the Sci Fi Channel released Firestarter 2: Rekindled. According to the SciFi.com post:

Ten years after the events in Stephen King’s Firestarter, the little girl who could start fires with her mind is all grown up and still running from the government agency that killed her parents and sought to use her for its own ends. However, Charlene “Charlie” McGee (Moreau) has begun to look for answers, and she’s started to dig into the secret government experiment her parents were a part of, called Lot 6.

Charlie is working at the same university that sponsored the experiment so she can dig through old files, hoping for answers. While doing research into the experiment, Charlie runs into Vincent Sforza (Nucci), an investigator for Systems Operations Corporation. Charlie tells him her name is Tommy and lies about why she’s looking for information. Vincent believes he is trying to track down participants in a class-action lawsuit so they can be given checks. However, he is actually unwittingly doing the bidding of the same government organization that killed Charlie’s parents. Unfortunately, Charlie is still at the top of its hit list.

When the two get hot and heavy, Charlie runs away, but the scorched room tells Vincent all he needs to know. Thinking he’s doing her a favor, Vincent calls his office and tells them he’s found Charlie McGee. Charlie packs up ready to run again. Vincent finds her and tries to convince her to meet with the people from the organization. He thinks they might be able to help her control her firestarting abilities.

However, when Vincent discovers that all the people he’s found have been murdered, he realizes he’s put Charlie in danger too. Vincent and Charlie find themselves on the run from the last person Charlie ever expected to see—John Rainbird (McDowell), the government assassin who betrayed her as a child and murdered her father. Rainbird has a surprise for Charlie. He has raised a group of gifted children with terrible powers who will make ideal government weapons. And worse than that, he wants Charlie to join him.

Of course, as seen in the TV ad above, the Sci Fi Channel thought that viewership would be related to how attractive the actress (Marguerite Moreau) would be to the audience, which I consider very poor advertising.

I hardly consider it a fantastic miniseries, but it was one of the first that I watched on the Sci Fi Channel, as according to this LetterBoxd article:

…Firestarter 2: Rekindled is an unnecessary film that continues what the first film tried to do. This film is sloppy in its conception, and I felt that they could have done much better than this. Considering some impressive names attached to this project, I’m surprised that the film was this bad. The film suffered from a poor script and unfocused directing. This suffers from many stand points. The main reason is because that this sequel is a sequel to a bad Stephen King adaptation.


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