Tower Hill, Lawrence

The Water Tower, Tower Hill Lawrence, MA

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For twelve years I lived at Tower Hill, in Lawrence, MA, for nearly 14 years. I was close to the Reservoir, and Bellevue and Immaculate Conception Cemeteries. The most distinctive feature though, was the High Service Water Tower, which was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978. According to Municipal History of Essex County in Massachusetts, Volume 2, edited by Benjamin F. Arrington:

It was constructed in 1874-75 to provide the city’s public water supply, with a gatehouse designed by Charles T. Emerson. It was designed by George G. Adams, a student of Emerson, who also worked on Lawrence’s Old Public Library, Amesbury Town Hall, Lawrence’s County Courthouse, Lawrence Street Congregational Church, Lawrence’s Masonic Temple, and Lawrence City Hall.


Engine House No. 6, 480 Howard Street, Lawrence, MA.

Yet another historic feature was the Engine House No. 6, which I always saw on the to, and from, the school of which I attended: Alexander B. Bruce Elementary (the original school was lost in 1951 due to fire). It was was designed by John Ashton, and built in 1895-96 to address the need for fire protection in the rapidly developing Prospect Hill neighborhood.


Bellevue Cemetery was, in particular, one of the most visited places in Lawrence when I lived there.


During the Spring and Summer months, because the house I lived in was so close to it, I would frequently ride my bike through it. For many reasons, was always a wonderful experience, because there are some amazingly gorgeous mausoleums located here. This also meant that, like many other neighbors, we would also take walks throughout when the weather permitted.

imagesMany buried there include victims of the Pemberton Mill Collapse of 1860comedic movie actress Thelma Todd, and three U.S. Congressmen: Republican William S. Knox (MA-5, 1895-1903, previously served in the Maine House of Representatives from 1874 until 1875), Republican William A. Russell (MA-7 from 1879 until 1883 and MA-8 from 1883 until 1885, previously served in the Massachusetts House of Representatives in 1869), and Democrat John K. Tarbox (MA-7 from 1875 until 1877, previously served as 13th Insurance Commissioner of Massachusetts from 1883 until 1887, 16th Mayor of Lawrence from 1873 until 1874, Member of the Massachusetts Senate in 1872, and Member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives in 1870, and 1868).


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