Posted in October 2013

In Appreciation of Ivri Lider

In Appreciation of Ivri Lider

This is “Bo (Your Soul)” by Ivri Lider, which is so beautiful: “Mishehu Pa’am” never ever¬†gets old: Another favorite song by this gorgeous man is “The Man I Love”: And “Tamid Ahava”:

A Response to Chris Faraone

In an article by columnist, Chris Faraone, called “THE TRITE STUFF: THE CASE AGAINST DONNIE WAHLBERG” in which I believe he fails to recognize that anyone who is a member of a boy band are really taking part in a marketing ploy targeted very specifically towards young teenage girls, and New Kids On The Block … Continue reading

America’s Post-Racial Society?

Ever since Barack Obama won his first election in 2008, there has been a certain amount of media and social push that we in fact have “transcended race.” Rather than say we are beyond race, this MSNBC article suggests that all issues are “racialized” since Obama took office in 2008: Since the presidential election of … Continue reading

The Versus Mentality

There is such a fantasy that we should exist in a society that presents with an either one, or the other. It has roots in religious beliefs that one act means choosing evil over choosing good. Seldom is such a choice actually presented to us. Indeed, competition in itself can be a very healthy practice, … Continue reading

Happiness is a Choice

“I am determined to be cheerful and happy in whatever situation I may find myself. For I have learned that the greater part of our misery or unhappiness is determined not by our circumstance but by our disposition.” ~¬†Martha Washington We are all the architects of our own happiness. It is certainly not a goal, … Continue reading

On Relationships with Other Men

I am well known to have a fondness for other men. The right type of guys often have a special place in my heart. This fondness for other men isn’t confined to the homosexual narrative that it’s only a physical attraction. Certainly, a physical attraction is a part of this fondness, but not the entirety … Continue reading