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Oscar Wilde and Dorian Grey

Oscar Wilde and Dorian Grey

From The Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide November-December 2014, titled “How gay was Dorian Gray?”: OSCAR WILDE WAS PROBABLY the first major modern personality who was famous for being famous well before he produced any work of consequence aside from great conversation. He self-consciously personified “decadence” while still at Oxford, and soon after graduating had the … Continue reading

Another Day, Another ‘Mostly Straight’ Guy

A recent article in Instinct Magazine details how Panic At The Disco’s frontman, Brandon Urie is kind of bisexual. It details him saying: “I’m proud of who I am and I’m gonna act accordingly. It’s really kind of loosely based on the majority of relationships I’ve been in, even now with my wife. Yeah, she’s … Continue reading

Putting Tough Love in Serious Perspective

In an article from Washington Post, by Maia Szalavitz, titled “The Trouble With Tough Love,” the writer addresses ‘tough love’ as a behavioral modification through humiliation, confrontation, and cruel treatment as a manner to solve such addictions with those addicted. The first important piece I take from this article is here: Many anguished parents put their … Continue reading

The Perfect Writing Place

I have always wanted to own a home. I have never thought that this would never happen, simply because I live in America where I was taught very early that there is so much possible to reach that. Indeed, I was a student at the GLT (or Greater Lawrence Tech) where our class slogan was: … Continue reading

Why Loyalty Matters

What is Loyalty?  Loyalty can be defined as: An allegiance to the sovereign or established government of one’s country; A personal devotion and reverence to the sovereign and royal family. I would certainly attest that I have a loyalty to all the aspects of my personal identity and what matters to me. But loyalty is … Continue reading

Personal Image and Social Pressures

Personal Image and Social Pressures

Earlier today I had read his article from the Atlantic (“The Tyranny of Buffness“), and as so often happens when I read the ‘body image’ sort of posts, is reflect on why I feel the way I do about the topic. When I lived in Lawrence, I was bullied based on my appearance, and like … Continue reading